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Sports and online Sports betting has been a fun, lively, and lucrative activity in India since its legalization and has thrived in the gambling industry. To bet on any sports event, bettors may not have the huge capital to predict the outcome of sports events and make reasonable winning with it. With that, what can give more chances of betting and winning more in the game are the bonus offers by bookmakers. Sports bookmakers in India, 22Bet, have lots of bonuses for bettors to use in their betting. Many online bookmakers offer bonuses as a means of incentives for new customers to create an account on their site and for existing ones to keep using their site. In this piece, we will be looking at the bonus offers in Indian online sports betting.

How sports betting bonus works

Having a bonus to use in sports betting will ultimately boost your budget and give you a better chance to win. The first step is joining a bookmaker; thereafter, deposit to claim the bonus, which will enhance your bankroll by a reasonable percentage. This percentage varies from one bookmaker to the other, from 25% to 200% or more. With the percentage bonus claimed after the first deposit, you will have more money to place bets on sports. With any of the bonuses claimed, there are wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawing winnings through the bonus.

Bonuses in online sportsbooks in India

online sports betting bonus in India

Upon signing up on a bookmaker and wanting to take advantage of the offer, you may find more than one bonuses to choose from. Let’s take a look at each.

1.       Welcome deposit bonus: this is the most common bonus offer you will come by in an online sportsbook. Once you make the minimum first deposit, the sportsbook will add a percentage for bettors to bet more. With it, you can make a bet on the sports event without risking your money. Wagering requirements are attached, and it may be strict about meeting up.

2.       Matched deposit bonus: this is similar to the welcome bonus. The bookmaker will match your deposit with a certain percentage up to a certain amount, like 100% up to ₹1000 or more.

3.       Free bet offer: this is one of the desirous offers in a sportsbook. It comes in different forms like risk-free, no deposit, deposit ₹X, and get ₹X. With the risk-free, you place your bet with your cash, and if you lose, you get a percent of all the lost amount refunded to your account. You don’t need to deposit for no deposit before you bet on the sports event.

4.       Enhanced odds and profit boost: this is a new offer, but it greatly increases your winnings. For instance, a sportsbook may give higher odds to score first in the sports event. Bettors will have a higher return if the bet wins with the same amount and enhanced odds.


Bonuses are good marketing tools for bookmakers and also of great benefit to bettors. Each of these bonuses has its terms and conditions and wagering requirements. The best bonuses to use depend on individual players as what one bettor wants might be different from another.

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