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Romantic books allow us to plunge into the world of love. Many Americans like to read romantic books at their leisure because in a hurry it is sometimes difficult to find your soulmate. Romance and excitement, people need like air to get a dose of excitement, go to the TonyBet. And we will plunge into the world of romance.

Reshad Nuri Guntekin “The Songbird Kinglet” (1922)

The question of which works of Turkish literature have become world classics can be stumped. The novel “The Singing Bird” deserves such recognition. Reshad Nuri Guntekin wrote this book at the age of 33, it became one of his first novels. These circumstances make us even more surprised at the skill with which the writer portrayed the psychology of a young woman, the social problems of provincial Turkey. 

The fragrant and original book captures the first lines. These are diary entries of the beautiful Ferida, who remembers her life and her love. When this book first came to me (and it was during my puberty period), the tattered cover was decorated with “Chalykushu – a singing bird”.

David Herbert Lawrence “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (1928)

The Most Romantic Books

Provocative, scandalous, outspoken. Forbidden for more than thirty years after the first publication. The inveterate English bourgeoisie did not tolerate descriptions of sexual scenes and the “immoral” behavior of the main character. In 1960, a high-profile trial took place, during which the novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was rehabilitated and allowed to be published when the author was no longer alive.

Today, the novel and its storyline hardly seem so provocative to us. Young Constance marries the Chatterley Baronet. After their marriage, Clifford Chatterley goes to Flanders, where he receives multiple wounds during the battle. He is permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Connie’s married life (as her husband affectionately calls her) has changed, but she continues to love her husband, caring for him. However, Clifford understands that it is difficult for a young girl to spend all night alone. He allows her to have a lover, the main thing is that the candidate is worthy.

Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the Wind” (1936)

The aphorism “When a woman can’t cry, it’s scary,” and the image of a strong woman itself belongs to the pen of the American writer Margaret Mitchell, who became famous thanks to a single novel. There is hardly a person who has not heard of the bestseller “Gone with the Wind”. 

“Gone with the Wind– is the story of the civil war between the northern and southern states of America of the 60s, during which cities and destinies collapsed, but something new and beautiful could not be born. This is the story of the growing up of a young Scarlett O’Hara, who is forced to take responsibility for her family, learn to manage her feelings, and achieve simple female happiness. 

This is the kind of successful love novel when, in addition to the main and rather superficial theme, it gives something else. The book grows with the reader: opened at different times, it will be perceived each time in a new way. One thing remains unchanged in it: a hymn of love, life, and humanity. And the unexpected and open ending inspired several writers to create a continuation of the love story, the most famous of which is “Scarlett” by Alexander Ripley or “Rhett Butler’s People” by Donald McCaig.

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