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When the match involves two teams with very pronounced technical differences you will see a different type of bet called Handicap. The team with technical disadvantage will receive a positive handicap, which will always be a whole number or divisible by 0.5. Let’s see how this happens in practice. Imagine that in the football match Botafogo x Atlético Paranaense, Botafogo is in technical advantage, so Atlético Paranaense would come out with a positive handicap +1.

This way you will see something like Botafogo -1 x + 1 Atlético Paranaense. In the Asian Handicap mode, a draw nullifies the bet. Thus, if you bet on Botafogo, you must hope to reach the end of the match with at least a two goal advantage, because a 2-1 score would be considered a draw, and 1-1 win for Atlético Paranaense. This way, the stronger team will need to overcome the technical disadvantage of its opponent to be considered the winner.

  • For a 0.5 handicap, 1×1 would correspond to a victory of the weaker team
  • In European Handicapping, as in 1×2, the technical draw is a betting option

For more information about handicaps you can consult our page about what is a handicap.

Final Result Betting


In this type of bet, what counts is the total number of points that the teams will score in a given match, and the values will be different for each type of sport. For example, in the case of a football match, you may see something like Plus or Minus 2.5. To bet on this mode, you can choose a guess that there will be a total of more than 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals at the end of the match.

Therefore, this bet is not based on the final result of the match, but only on the number of goals. The 2,5 value is used to help the result to be more objective. We know that it is not possible for a match to have a half-goal, but counting this way makes it simple to check the result. If the match ends with at least 3 goals, the one who bets plus 2,5 wins, and if the total is below 2 goals, the one who bet less 2,5 wins.

Values are determined by the house, and may vary as plus or minus 3.5; 4.5; and so on

Single or multi bets?


Obviously, the basics of sports betting also include the types of bets. The classic is to place a single bet. In concrete terms, this means that a probability of success is taken from the betting offer, and it only refers to the outcome. Due to the simplicity, betting professionals work exclusively with single bets. The possible profit is comparatively low, but so is the risk.

The second important type of bet is the multiple bets. Here, several selections are placed together on one betting card. The individual odds are then multiplied together with the operation. Combined bets are without doubt more profitable. But be careful, it only takes one wrong selection on the card to make your whole planning a huge problem.

Safety at this point is provided by the system bets. Even with a few mistakes, profits can still exist and losses can be minimised. The decisive factor is the system decided. With the betting type “2 out of 4”, for example, six betting lines are played on one betting card.

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