The amount of possible profit is calculated by the odds, as described above. But where do these house odds come from? The provider collects all the information about the events, which includes the form curve, the position in the table, the head-to-head comparison, players missing from teams and some other things. From this, a percentage probability of the results occurring is calculated. From this value, the bookmaker forms the so-called fair betting odds, which do not appear this way in the offer.

In the second step, the bookmaker’s margin is included in this odds. Only then will the betting offer be published.

Every bookmaker sets different odds for each market. Some specialise in football, others in horses, and although there are those that offer the widest range of sports. The bookmaker with the best odds for football is not the same one that offers the best odds for volleyball, nor the best odds for horse racing.

At sports betting 24 we have provided you with our list of the different bookmakers in Brazil so you can quickly find out which ones offer the best odds, or the conditions that suit your needs best, so you get the most benefit. You can check them all out by clicking here.

Which sports can be bet on?

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Most users will probably associate football betting with betting odds on the Champions League or other major leagues. Of course, this is not wrong, football is the number one sports betting on the Internet. But the best bookmakers now have more than 30 sports on their screen. In addition to football, an increase in the popularity of sports such as tennis, ice hockey and basketball is observed. In others, the portfolio ranges from rugby and baseball to motor racing and handball to exotics like surfing or chess.

An important aspect of sports betting is that your bets do not have to be just for a win, a draw or a defeat – typical football results, for example. The best bookmakers offer other options in the sidebar. Bets can be closed on goals, the number of hits, corners and yellow cards, as well as many other events in the game.

The important thing is to start


Each bookmaker has different markets available for his bettors, some are simple, like first point, where you choose in which moment of the game the first point will happen, or partial results, where you will try to guess who will be ahead in the breaks and at the end of the game. Other markets are complex, such as 1×2 and final, where you must guess the final result of the match and also the total number of points.

The options are many, with different levels of complexity, and it is always a good option to check the rules and modalities of each house. The important thing is that you start with simple bets and ensure a healthy game, avoiding bets that exceed 10% of the value you have available at once. As you gain experience, it will become easier to venture into the complex betting markets with a greater understanding of your chances of getting it right.

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