Another highlight at 1xBet is the navigation, which can be described as simple and functional. The style and layout adopted in the website make the browsing experience comfortable, and from the first page it is possible to see the main events available at the house, besides the most important information for full navigation, such as payments, redemptions, registration and security. This is important because it transmits tranquility and security to users, as it is very easy to navigate and find the desired point, without the need for many clicks.

Another important point is that it is possible to optimize the site for Brazilian Portuguese – care that in many houses is not taken, harming either the access of Brazilians or Portuguese. This way, any possible linguistic difficulty that could harm the user experience is minimised.

Regarding the mobile version, 1xBet offers two different access possibilities: via a browser or using a native mobile app, compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Using the mobile app, the customer has the possibility to place bets before and during events, as well as follow the transmission and odds to decide how to invest. This way, there is no need to rely on a computer to conduct research or place bets, something fundamental nowadays, where customers want more and more convenience to place their bets.

Live coverage and online transmission

1xbet app

Regarding live betting, these are available 24 hours a day and given the wide variety of sports and championships, it is unlikely that you will not find at least one event taking place so that you can place your bets live.

It is important to highlight that in this type of betting, the odds are updated in real time, according to the progress of the match and the new statistics generated, considering for example new points or goals, yellow and red cards, punishments and the like. Therefore, the analysis of the progress of the match is fundamental if you want to invest in live events.

The live broadcast, as well as navigation, follows a simplified model. Thus, besides the statistical information – which is updated in real time – it is possible to follow a flash transmission with the main facts occurred during the match; something essential for decision making during a game.

It’s also worth mentioning that 1xBet offers the opportunity for customers to cash out during some live broadcasts, thus allowing, as the match progresses, part of the profit to be guaranteed or losses to be minimized.

Customer support and service

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First of all, it is important to highlight that customer service is simplified and optimized by the navigation experience of the site. In the upper bar of the homepage it is possible to locate in a simple and quick way the main access channels to customer service, without having to search for information in hidden menus.

Advantages at 1xBet

One of the biggest and most important 1xBet’s advantages compared to other bookmakers is the huge amount of betting possibilities. In addition to a huge variety of sports, 1xBet aims to cover the most varied events in each category and offers countless betting options within each event, making it almost impossible not to find an option that the customer likes among the ones available on the platform.

In addition, the simplified navigation was designed in order to accurately meet the needs of the customer, who quickly finds all the information concerning the available bets, as well as all sorts of needs such as placing bets via Telegram, receiving a phone call from the customer service team.

Another point worth mentioning is that the odds provided by the bookmaker are among the best in the market, there are also events where the odds value is the best available among the bookmakers that serve the national market.

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