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Before you begin, you should know what a bookmaker is. A sports bet is usually a “fight” between the bookmaker and the customer. The bookmaker compiles the betting offer, the events, the odds and publishes them. The sporting public can react to these offers by accepting or rejecting them. As a user, you cannot influence these offers. The bookmaker is always in the lead.

The customer determines his participation, provided he complies with the limits according to the General Terms and Conditions. If he succeeds, he receives the invested amount plus his profit back. If the stake is unsuccessful, the stake changes ownership from the customer to the bookmaker. The amount of the possible profit is determined by the betting odds. Basically, the following calculation applies:

  • Applied value x odd = Profit

How is an odd placed with the bookmaker?

take a ball

The details of the bet in the bookmaker’s office are one of the basic principles of sports betting. If you do not understand how the bet is placed, you will not succeed. After our explanations, even absolute beginners will not face any problems. Most online providers work with clear software solutions, with which users can clearly understand. As a rule, portals rely on the typical sports betting scheme with the game listing on the left side of the screen. In the submenus, you can go to the countries, leagues and competitions.

We have gathered below the sequence needed to place a bet, which is practically the same for all online bookmakers.

  • Log in to the bookmaker with your user data.
  • Select the sport.
  • Go to the competition or the league.

The current odds will be shown in the middle of the page. (Additional betting options usually need to be opened separately)

With one click, you transfer the stake(s) to the betting slip, which is usually located in the right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Select the type of bet. (Single, Combined or System Stakes)
  • Enter the stake.
  • Submit the betting slip.

You will receive an acceptance confirmation from the bookmaker directly on the screen.

Betting on the Match Winner

In this market, you choose an option for the final result of the match after the regulated time for each sport. For example, in a Flamengo versus Botafogo football match, where Flamengo are the home team and Botafogo are the away team, you have three betting options: 1 – Flamengo win, X – draw and 2 – Botafogo win, always within 90 minutes of the match.

In the 1×2 market, each result will have its odd stipulated by the house, so going back to our game, you could find odds like: win team 1 – R$3.20; draw X – R$3.05; and win team 2 – R$2.50. To find out how much you will win if you get a correct result in a bet of this type, just multiply the amount you bet by the odd of the result chosen. Let’s say you bet R$10 on a draw and got it right, you will get R$30.50.

1×2 bets are also called final result bets

final win

Games in which a tie is virtually impossible, like basketball, also accept this modality, which appears as 12.

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