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In addition, fraudulent clubs can be found on the web, which provide their customers with unlicensed gaming software, the machines in such clubs are “screwed ”, which means that winnings will not be random. To avoid registering with such establishments, the casino should be chosen very carefully. To do this, you should use the services of aggregators. Some offers a ranking of verified gaming clubs. TOP includes the best casinos that offer licensed gaming software. In addition, the clubs offer a bonus program to registered users.

How to choose a casino

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The choice of a casino largely affects the player’s success. It is worth registering, creating an account and betting only at trusted clubs. A good online casino must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a license. Most often this is a Curacao licence. It may be published on the site or given to the customer on their first request.
  • Offer a large selection of software. The site must include slot machines from leading developers such as Quick Spin, PlaySon, Habanero, Red Tiger and so on. Many sites offer live dealer games.
  • Bonus Program. All modern casinos have a bonus program. This means giving gifts for registration, displaying activity (subscribing to a channel in instant messenger, installing a downloadable client), making deposits.
  • Availability of a loyalty programme with cashback. Assumes fixed bonuses for users for playing with money. Cashback in case of loss assumes the return of part of the spent bankroll When choosing a casino, you should not choose the first club that offers the most generous bonuses. You should carefully study the terms and conditions of the gifts. Most clubs have a wagering policy. According to its terms and conditions, in order to withdraw your gifts, you must wager on them. To do this, you must place a bet on the amount of the gift multiplied by the betting value. In some clubs the betting ratio is deliberately inflated to x70-x80 or even higher. In addition, there is a time limit on betting, which makes withdrawing the accumulated prize extremely problematic.

Choosing a slot machine

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Beginners can get confused when choosing a slot machine. Modern casino sites offer a huge variety. To make the right choice, users should look out for machines that meet the following criteria:

  • High rate of return – should be at least 94-95%.
  • Medium to high level of volatility. Some devices offer a factor for the older combination from x5000 to x10000 or even more. However, in most cases the line rate is used for calculations. Evoplay machines usually have lower odds, but in this case the whole amount bet is taken into account.
  • Large number of paylines. The frequency of winning combinations depends on their number.
  • Availability of bonus rounds, free spins and special symbols. They not only diversify the gameplay, but also bring additional wins. Experts recommend playing a few spins in demo mode before putting money in the slot machine. This will allow you to evaluate the machine in practice. Only then start betting from your cash account.

Control yourself

Even with the right choice of casino and slot machine, no one can guarantee that the player will win. The game brings a huge amount of positive emotions, gives a sense of excitement, so it is attractive. However, in order not to lose a large amount, bets should be placed carefully. The player is advised to follow the following rules when betting:

  • Assess the strength of your bankroll, you should only use your funds for betting. Most casinos even have a rule that strictly forbids the use of third party accounts and cards
  • Control the size of your loss. Set a limit on the amount you lose and remember to follow the set rule.
  • It is a good idea to change the slot machine from time to time. Even if winning combinations come out one after the other, remember that slots operate on the basis of a random number generator, which means that you have to stop in time.
  • You should always play in a good mood, betting should in no way be seen as a source of income, but only as a way to have fun, to get excited. Do not try to recover, it may lead to even bigger losses.
  • You should only place bets when sober. With a clouded mind the player cannot properly assess his strength
  • Many virtual gambling clubs have rules to support responsible gaming. In such clubs, the player can set a limit on the amount of bets or losses on his personal account, lock the account for a certain period of time.

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