The most important reason why it’s worth choosing a legal online casino is the ease with which you can assert your claims. It’s not like the licence is issued simply after the online casino has paid the stamp duty. Before that, the company running the casino must undergo an audit, guarantee an appropriate level of security of the games (which means, among other things, that the results cannot be influenced by anyone) or introduce appropriate mechanisms for preventing money laundering, or even securing player funds.

A legal online casino is simply safer. Yes, you’ll probably lose, as you would in a casino, but you’ll lose fairly, so you’ll also have a chance to play fair. In reality, however, just because a casino has a licence is unlikely to be enough as the sole criterion for anyone to choose.

It’s not just the number of games that counts

Thousands of reviews have been written about the games – mainly virtual slots, by the way – that can be found in casinos, but let’s face it. The lion’s share of them are built on the same engine, and the only differences are limited to aesthetic impressions. That’s why it’s so important, when choosing an online casino, to find one with titles from different providers. While they all have to meet the same security requirements for pseudo-random number generators, they can solve the mechanics in different ways.

Each studio also has its own concept for the games – some will be better sounded, others will be primarily refined in terms of mechanics, others will make special use of popular themes. This is important, because this way the online casino will offer many games with maximum variety.

Do you like the bonus? Choose one with clear rules


Online casinos tempt new players with special bonuses. And they are indeed impressive: you can get 100, 200, and sometimes 500 or even 1000 dollars completely free. Unfortunately, if you look deeper into the terms and conditions of the bonus, you will often find that the withdrawal of the bonus will be subject to a turnover requirement of ×30 or ×50. Then it becomes obvious that such a bonus is just a marketing ploy. There is no chance to actually benefit from it.

And this is not the worst situation, because sometimes the rules are not clear at all. So it would be good to have a look at the bonus rules – some of the most interesting casinos can be verified at CasinoPL, and this will give you a clear picture: where the bonus is fair and real, where fair, but basically impossible to get, and where the rules are vague at all. However, this principle should be taken further and applied to all casino promotions. It is worth finding an online casino that operates in a fair and transparent manner. Simply put.

A legal casino with good support


The ideal situation would be one in which the casino’s help centre would not be needed at all, but since the prudent always insure, it would be worth visiting only those legal online casinos where you can count on support in. Unfortunately, due to the idiotic anti-gambling laws, for many casino operators is at best a third world country. This means that the contact with support has to be in English. Can you? You can, but it is less convenient than a casino which has consultants and sometimes even a phone number.

Here is an interesting fact – language support is offered even by a few good top-level casinos which, however, do not have a license. It’s just your decision whether you connect to them via VPN and take advantage of these opportunities, or stay on the sites of casinos with licenses.

Upgradeable online casinos

The last thing you should definitely look at is linking the casino to, for example, an online bookmaker or a live casino service. When you get bored with the slots, you can always upgrade to a slightly higher level or simply change your style of play. While playing with an algorithm has a clearly defined chance of winning, it is often fate combined with human error that allows you to enjoy casino entertainment to the fullest. So if you intend to stay with an online casino for a longer period of time, such an opportunity for development will certainly be a considerable asset.

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