Most of them do their best to help new players

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You can take the safest route and bet 5 dollars on the slot machine. Once you’ve put your money in, simply hit the bet max or spin button.

You are already taking the biggest step to avoid making a mistake by educating yourself. Take a look around this site. You’ll learn how to play all kinds of casino games in no time.

What game should I play?

Determining what game to play is directly related to your goals.

Before you place your first bet, ask yourself a few questions.

Do I want the chance to win big with a higher risk of losing? Or do I want a higher chance of winning but for a smaller amount?

How much am I prepared to lose?

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Am I only going to place one bet or am I going to play longer?

As you think about your goals and start answering these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what games you should consider playing.

Here is a quick guide based on your answers. It is far from a complete ‘instruction manual’, but it may help you get started.

You can play these games for a low bet, usually 2usd or less, but the games can quickly take your entire bankroll. These games have some of the highest house edge in the casino.

Roulette, craps and baccarat offer multiple bets that are close to even odds. You can have almost a 50% chance of winning on your first bet.

Black, red, even or odd in roulette, player and banker in baccarat and pass line and don’t pass line bets in craps are close to 50/50.

But if you want the best chance of winning on single bets, these are the games you should consider.

Blackjack and video poker are similar to roulette and craps, but work differently. A single bet in blackjack has an almost equal monetary outcome. But it is not as close to flipping a coin as the examples above.

If you use the right strategy and play by good rules, both blackjack and some video poker machines offer a house edge of less than 1%.

This is one of the lowest in the casino, but it does not mean that a single bet is as close to 50/50 as in other games. Video poker games can have a long gap between payouts, but they can also give you the chance to win quite a bit. 4,000 coins is the highest payout in most good video poker games, so a 5usd bet can return up to 4,000. A 1.25usd bet can return up to 1,000.

Blackjack has a fairly even chance of winning in any single hand, but like video poker, it can have a string of winning or losing hands over a short period of time.

Unlike video poker, blackjack does not offer the chance to win big in a single hand. In most blackjack games, you can win at most four times your bet in a single hand. In most cases, you will only win one or two times your bet – you can win twice your bet if you split or double your bet, or up to four times if you double and split your bet in the same hand.

Poker is more complicated to play well than other games on the list, but it’s one of the few where you can play with an edge. You are playing against other players at the poker table, not against the casino. If you are good enough, you can consistently win.

If you decide to play poker, study the game and learn some basic strategy tips before you play for real money. You can play online for free to learn more about the game and see how you are doing.

Other table games vary in terms of return and short-term variance. I don’t recommend playing anything not listed above as your first game, but if you decide to, start with a minimum bet and ask the dealer if you have any questions.

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